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Squirrly Limited

Company registration number: 08198658

Great Britain VAT ID: 275 2717 86

Incorporation Date: 03 Sept 2012


Main Address:

20-22 Wenlock Road ( N1 7GU )

London, England 🇬🇧

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G2 Awards Squirrly SEO the High Performer Medal for Summer 2021

Gartner Digital Markets Ranks Squirrly SEO as a Top Product in Its Category

Squirrly SEO Listed among the Best SEO Tools of 2021 in New Capterra Shortlist Report


About Squirrly Company

Founded in 2012 in London, United Kingdom, Squirrly creates insanely great business products through our process of designing and coding artificially intelligent digital assistants inside every SaaS we build. 

We focus on creating innovative yet easy-to-use solutions to help our customers never fail at online marketing.  Over 7,479 B2B Customers in 90 countries rely on our products and education programs to level up their content marketing game and grow their business.

Key Facts

+4.3 million downloads for our products
+7,479 subscriptions sold for our products
+ 300K keywords ranked in TOP 10 using Squirrly SEO
+ 285% increase in traffic by Squirrly SEO users

Last updated 

Squirrly SEO:

An AI-powered, all-in-one SEO suite that takes the guesswork out of search engine optimization.  

Squirrly is the only SEO software on the market right now to provide a fully-assisted, proven solution that anybody, regardless of their SEO expertise, can use to rank higher on Google in 2021. 

Key Points:

Squirrly provides the perfect SEO setup – instantly! Over 650 features are pre-configured during install.

All hand-holding. Completely educational. Squirrly provides a fail-proof, paint-by-numbers way of managing and improving a site’s SEO.

A Swiss Army Knife for SEO, Squirrly brings the most amount of SEO tools for WordPress under one roof. Keyword research, content optimization, SEO settings, technical SEO, site audits, rank tracking, and more are included. (view full list).

Trusted by Recognized Industry Leaders

Squirrly in the News

Acclaimed online publications are talking about Squirrly. Here’s what they’re saying!


“Squirrly SEO has over 3 million installs and consistently good reviews. It’s not hard to see why. The WordPress plugin has over 200 features to help you optimize your content with updates keeping things fresh constantly.”

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“Squirrly’s artificial intelligence enables it to identify the gaps that are keeping your site from ranking as well as you’d like so that you can focus on the activities that will give you the fastest results. The idea is to achieve big breakthroughs from fewer activities, saving you time and money.”

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“Ever write a post and wonder: “Is this post SEO friendly enough?”. Then you should give Squirrly a shot. It’s a WordPress plugin that automatically analyzes your content for SEO and human readability.”

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“SEO Squirrly is designed specifically for people who aren’t experts in SEO. Other plugins have different ways to access and implement SEO suggestions, but SEO Squirrly brings this to the next level.”

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“SEO Squirrly has been designed with SEO beginners in mind, making it one of the best on-page SEO plugins for WordPress if you want to create a successful SEO strategy.”

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“SEO Squirrly is marketed for people who aren’t SEO experts. It lives up to that claim by offering a complete SEO suite without any complicated elements. SEO Squirrly generates SEO recommendations differently than the other plugins we’ve already outlined. “

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Industry Influencers about Squirrly

Leading  Experts in Marketing and SEO Recommend Squirrly 


“Squirrly is more than a SEO tool – it’s a complete content marketing suite.”

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“The best SEO Tool ever. It´s perfect for Content Marketing.”

Ibrahim Evsan


“You want to get more traffic to your website for increased revenue? Squirrly SEO Plugin will help you achieve this as it has for me.”

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“Cool Feature: Squirrly comes packed with a nice keyword research tool that works within the WordPress editor. In addition to the usual metrics (like search volume), it also shows you if that keyword is a hot topic of conversion online. The tool also shows you the stability of that keyword’s search volume over time.”

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“Starbox is built for user engagement. It focuses on visuals and is certainly a very user-friendly plugin. You can customize the plugin further if you want, but the default settings offer more than enough to do the job right.”

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“Starbox is a bit of a star itself in the plugin world. It has over 10,000 active downloads, and more than 130 five-star ratings. It also offers a lot of flexibility in how you customize and display your author boxes.”

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